Supporting charities in Niagara is one of the pillars of our work at the Niagara Community Foundation. In response to the granting needs of our charity partners, we have adjusted our granting schedule. Starting this year, the David S. Howes Fund Grant Program, our largest grant cycle, will be moved to a Spring dispersal, allowing for charities to meet their greatest needs at the beginning of the year. Consequently our Community Grant program will be moved to a Fall dispersal.

For a full schedule of our 2022 granting program, click here for a downloadable pdf or visit our website for more details.

The David S. Howes Fund Grants Program provides grants to eligible organizations providing services in Niagara. Grants from this Fund will support:

  • Post-secondary,
  • Facilities,
  • Research,
  • Health-care services,
  • Education and,
  • Humanitarian issues.

NOTE: All applicants must have a grant consultation with the Foundation prior to applying. This must be done at least 7 days before deadline of Monday, March 28 at noon. Further information is available by calling our Director of Grants & Community Initiatives, JoAnne Krick at 905-684-8688 x 23 or emailing to