I know you are out in Port Colborne and it’s quite a hike.” That was part of a conversation a colleague of mine was having with a new client who would soon be travelling from Port Colborne to St. Catharines for mental health support. And herein lies the main reason why Pathstone Mental Health is opening a site in Niagara South. That 30-minute drive each way, will soon be cut down to around 10 minutes when River House opens.

According to the numbers of kids from Niagara South coming to Pathstone, the conclusion was that Niagara South needed this, mental health care closer to home. To be truthful I didn’t know how much of Niagara South would agree with that sentiment. Maybe they had no idea there were so many kids out that way that needed our help. Any doubts were quickly squashed.

First off, a donor made buying the site at 102 River Road, the former Women’s Place site in Welland, possible. Then a Gift Match from Mountainview Building Group was the perfect kick off we needed to get the word out that we were coming to Welland, launching a $750K campaign, and that we didn’t have any government help with this project.

I feel like there is a love affair across Niagara South with River House.

Here is just one example:

I got a call from John Clark, the owner of M.T. Bellies in Welland. “He said, Mark (Basciano) and I go way back. We want to throw an event at the restaurant for you, and all the money raised will go to the new site in Welland.” The, “It’s a Wonderful East Coast Kitchen Party,” event raised $40,007 for the River House RENO Campaign. The event was amazing, and needed after two years of the pandemic restrictions. This was the first event I have attended where approaching people I have never met before was met with a smile and great ease. There were more doors opened that night then I can count. They all want better for Welland and Niagara South and are willing to pull out their cheque book to make it happen.

On July 14, 2022, we shared that our Gift Match of $250K has been met, meaning we have raised just over $500K and have just under $250K to go to reach our goal.

And here is just one more BIG detail as to why we need to reach this goal and why we are coming to Welland,

Over the past 12 months, Pathstone continued to see more kids than in the previous year. We are closing in on 11,000 kids supported, with another 570 kids still waiting for mental health services.

We need more space and more people to see more kids. It’s that straightforward.

Our hope is that our Niagara community can help us cross the finish line.

To support the River House RENO campaign, visit www.pathstonefoundation.ca or connect with me directly by phone at 905-688-6850 x 167 or by email at krossi@pathstone.ca

This blog post was written by Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy & PR at Pathstone Foundation.

About Pathstone

Pathstone Mental Health is a community-based organization whose mission is to provide innovative and effective treatment for all children in Niagara struggling with mental health issues. We are a lead agency and the primary accredited provider of mental health services for children in Niagara. Crisis Services are offered 24/7 by calling 1-800-263-4944.

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