Have you ever tried to support someone with complex needs and yet felt overwhelmed and alone in your efforts?

Have you ever been working with someone who had many supports in place, and felt that everyone was working in silos and the client was not benefiting at all?

Have you ever felt like all you do all day is try to manage one crisis after another?

The Integrated Community Leads (ICL) model addresses these concerns by providing broad support to individuals in Niagara who have complex needs in order to enhance service navigation for those people. The ICL Model of Care brings the client and all their supports together to develop a comprehensive care plan, to maximize service contributions and prevent a crisis from happening. The ICL model improves communication and provides a more efficient and effective way to support individuals with complex needs.

In one situation, a client had placed 58 calls to 911 within one month; after this model was used, the number of calls was reduced to zero within a very short period of time

Mark your calendars for one of two dates on which this webinar is offered:

You will learn more about how you can use this model to improve your service to clients and strengthen the way you work.

Kelly Falconer
Program Manager, Canadian Mental Health Association, Niagara Branch

Jenny Stranges
Program Director, Quest Community Health Centre

Despina Tzemis
Programs Manager, Quest Community Health Centre

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