Interested in finding out more about actions local businesses and community organizations are taking to make Niagara more sustainable? Check out the Sustainable Niagara Action Database, which can now be found on the Niagara Knowledge Exchange (NKE).

The goal of the Sustainable Niagara Action Database remains the same. It is a living and breathing database that helps community organizations connect and share experiences around the eight Sustainable Niagara goals. By sharing these ideas with one and another, people in Niagara can continue to grow and work toward meeting the vision for 2060 set out in the Sustainable Niagara Plan.

Measuring progress towards these sustainability goals can also be supported by this move to the NKE, as it is based on the 12 Living in Niagara Sectors and the triannual Living in Niagara report. The Sustainable Niagara Action Database aligns with the suggested actions from the Living in Niagara – 2011 report.

Moving forward, the next version of the Living in Niagara report (to be released late 2014) will be informed by the work highlighted in the Sustainable Niagara Action Database. This dovetailing of information and vision is a great example of a marked increase in Niagara of intersectoral planning, coordination and partnership.

If you want to add your actions to the database, or connect with any of the organizations listed about their actions, contact the Knowledge Broker at

Erin Britnell
Niagara Region

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