The Leadership Niagara (LN) Community Leadership Program encourages leadership and positive change by developing the capabilities of aspiring leaders who care about the Niagara community; who understand its strengths and weaknesses; and who are willing to make a personal investment to improve quality of life. Since its inception in 2007, LN  has been dedicated to the development of emerging leaders and fostering a sense of philanthropy and connection within the community

With over 350 graduates of the program in its first decade, Leadership Niagara continues to be a major stakeholder in advancing well-being in our community. Linking leadership with civic responsibility, LN helps program participants understand the importance of working together to strengthen the community in which we all live. Program participants do so through a combination of group-lead community building projects and working alongside Niagara-based non-profit organizations. Over the past 10 years, LN participants have completed 72 community projects and contributed over 18,000 hours to building a stronger Niagara.

The projects completed have helped to improve quality of life in Niagara in many ways. From strengthening work in the areas of learning disabilities to conservation areas, LN participants are diligent about creating positive impact in our community. Often, after the project work is complete, participants go on to remain involved in the organization with which they worked so closely. Becoming a volunteer, a board member, or continuing their project work long after graduation, are just some examples.

“There can be a real bond between the work that a participant is doing and what they’re doing it for,” said Shane Malcolm, Leadership Niagara’s Executive Director. “Sometimes it’s clear to see the passion someone has for a cause or an organization, and once they find that sweet spot it’s possible to make a real difference.”

The 2017-2018 Leadership Niagara cohort has just begun. The application process for the 2018-2019 Leadership Program will begin in March 2018.

Cameron Jones
Program Assistant & Marketing Coordinator
Leadership Niagara

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