The Empowering Older Adults in Niagara Survey is open, for older adults 50+ living in Niagara to have their say about what matters to them.

The Age-Friendly Niagara Council (AFNC) is making the survey available between June 01 and July 15, 2022. “Our aim is to learn more about issues of interest and concern to older adults who live in all local areas across Niagara”, said Dominic Ventresca, AFNC Board Chair.  “Survey results will inform both the Age-Friendly Niagara Council and the Niagara Older Adult Alliance (NOAA) in establishing priorities as we advocate for the interests of older people, and take action to strengthen Niagara as a community for people of all ages”.

June is Seniors Month in Ontario, and the theme for 2022 is Stay Active, Connected and Safe”, said Jean D’Amelio-Swyer, Chair of the Thorold Age-Friendly Committee and the NOAA. “What better time for us as Age-Friendly volunteer leaders to hear what people 50+ across the region are thinking about, in regard to making Niagara an even better community for healthy ageing”.

2021 Census data shows that Adults aged 55 and older make up 38.7 percent of the population in the Niagara region, compared to 33.1 percent for all of Canada. Today’s older adults make valuable contributions to the community, as citizens, workers (volunteer and paid work), consumers and philanthropists.

Older adults 50+ may complete the survey at:

The work of the survey is funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Visit the Age-Friendly Niagara website to learn more about the Age-Friendly Niagara Council and the Niagara Older Adult Alliance:


Dominic Ventresca

Jean D’Amelio-Swyer

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